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Bank Negara Codeathon

Bank Negara Codeathon


Today we won "Best Performed Team" at Bank Negara's inaugural hackathon! The hackathon was spread out over 2 days (32 hours of coding) in Lanai Kijang. The Codeathon, was held on 18 - 19 November in conjunction with the 3rd Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit 2017

The themes they wanted to address were as below:

  • Where is the money?

How would you monitor the changing world of value exchange internationally, taking into account emerging technologies and the shift from money to value in myriad forms?

  • Who are you?

How would you identify people engaging in terrorist funding, money laundering, drugs or other criminal activities with crypto currencies or other pseudonymous channels?

  • Help your community!

How would you identify tangible impending risks to the community to intercept harm pre-emptively, especially relating to money laundering/terrorism-financing (ML/TF)?

We selected the "Help your community" category. We built an app that scans a user's social media profile and assigns a "dodginess index" for that user. The "dodginess index" measures income earnings with respect to lifestyle lived.  If that sounds complicated, check out the video below:

Video shooting and editing done by the talented Mr Norman Low.

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